Palestinian Masochists

Sunday, June 13, 2004
One of the Palestinians' most prominent and legitimate grievances against the Israeli occupation is the wanton destruction of Arab homes in the Gaza Strip.

After all, perhaps the most stark symbol of Israeli brutality is the veiled Palestinian woman, face buried in hands, weeping over the rubble of her demolished home.

Alas, despite all their crying, it seems the Palestinians are quite capable of inflicting this trauma on themselves. Like tricky insurance fraudsters - or derranged masochists - some Palestinians are trying to scam the Israeli government by destroying their own homes and then claiming compensation.

Gaza Arabs destroying their own homes

(IsraelNN.com) Two weeks after the announcement by the IDF Chief of Staff that Israel will consider compensation claims by Rafiach Arabs arising from the military's operations in the city, some residents are damaging their own homes. The fraudulent claimants are hoping to take advantage of the Israeli generosity by claiming the damage was a result of IDF activities.

During Operation Rainbow in Rafiach, IDF troops had the mission of searching out and destroying tunnels used for smuggling weapons and the like from Egypt into Rafiach.