Separated at Birth

Sunday, June 27, 2004
A few days ago, vegetating on the couch and drifting through the wasteland of daytime TV, I somehow ended up watching Go Home, Munsters, an ostensible comedy film based on the throroughly unhilarious adventures of a family of freaks, who are on their way to England to claim a generous inheritance from a rich dead uncle - or some crap like that.

Although the film is utterly devoid of even an ounce of humor, I did notice one striking fact about the father of the Munsters, Herman: something so obvious and exciting that I was sure I could not have been the only person to spot it. So I went on the internet and I discovered that, sure enough, other people had noticed, as I had, that the star of the Munsters bears an uncanny and unsettling resemblance to a certain Democratic presidential candidate. Indeed, there's no doubt about it; Herman Munster is John Kerry's long-lost conjoined twin.