Britney Pulls a Janet

Monday, July 12, 2004
In an apparent imitation of Janet Jackson's literally "star-studded" appearanceat the Super Bowl, Britney Spears left breast came tumbling out of its perch in the singer's skin-tight costume during a performance in Ireland.

Unfortunately for the lonely, middle-aged men who comprise a large portion of the pop-star's fan-base, Britney's breast was mostly concealed by her hair. In fact, the incident was so discrete that it went unnoticed until photos of the exposure were developed afterwards.

Britey's Boob Comes Unleashed During Concert

OOPS! Pop babe Britney Spears boobs on stage — just like Janet Jackson did earlier this year.

Britney, 22, spilled out of her costume when a dancer’s arm caught her PVC top.

Amazingly, it went unnoticed until a photographer developed unprocessed shots of the event last month in Belfast.

This isn't the first time that one of Britney's nipples has entered the public limelight.

According to NippleSlips.com, a watch-dog group that monitors this sort of naked displays, Britney's nipples have made a series of minor appearances throughout her career, including one instance of ostensible slippage that occurred under the glare of paparazzi cameras at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

The bonanza of exposed nipples aside, what's most delightful about this story is that it provides a convenient excuse to rehash the old clip of Janet Jackson's history-making Super Bowl stunt. Enjoy!

The Mystery of Britney Spears's Breast Size

All this nipple-related controversy bring to mind a classic Seinfeld episode in which Elaine mails out a Christmas card that includes, to her great embarassment, a noticable appearance by her tit.