Dollar Diet

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
A man in Columbia tried to smuggle $50,000 passed airport authorities by swallowing the dollops of cash and storing them in his stomach. Benjamin Franklin unavailable for comment.

Nearly $50,000 in traveler's stomach

BOGOTA, Colombia - A suspect swallowed nearly $50,000 in cash in a failed attempt to smuggle the funds out of Colombia, officials said Monday.

Bogota airport police said they X-rayed the suspect because he was acting nervous while preparing to board a flight for Lima, Peru.

The photo showed dozens of latex-wrapped packets inside his stomach and police assumed it was drugs, since such a smuggling technique is used by traffickers.

But as the suspect passed the packages from his body, police discovered they were filled with cash — $47,500.

[...] Vargas said interrogations of the suspect indicated the money was probably going to be used to pay for a drug shipment.

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