String of Controversy

Sunday, July 04, 2004
The British-Muslim crusade against skimpy undergarments - mentioned by this blog several weeks ago - has taken a violent turn after the country's first Muslim lingerie shop was firebombed by fundamentalist vigilantes.

Muslim undies shop attacked

Birmingham's first Muslim lingerie shop has been targeted in a hate attack - for looking too much like a "porn parlour".

Sister's Secrets in Balsall Heath was petrol-bombed just days after opening last week. The arrival of the store on Taunton Street has angered Muslim traditionalists who are suspicious about its blacked-out windows, alarmed door and suggestive name.

Its strict women-only policy has also heightened fears that it could be an adult shop selling porn and sex toys.

One local said last night: "I don't have a problem with a shop that sells underwear like Marks and Spencer. But this looks like a seedy porn parlour. A lot of local Muslims are upset because they can't see what's inside. Some women who've gone in say it sells very sexy underwear, lacy basques and thongs in all kinds of colours. One or two think that in itself is degrading to Muslim women." [Read the rest...]