Unfairenhate 9/11

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Nowadays it seems that you either worship Bush like the Second Messiah, or you loathe him like the incarnation of Satan. Politics has become so divided and polarized that it has begun to resemble a savage holy war between two rival religions. And no where is there a more devout or fervent practitioner of the liberal religion than Michael Moore, a disgusting glob of lard who has become the leading jihadist of the Democratic Party.

His film, Fahrenheit 9/11, is not a documentary, inasmuch as a documentary contains some relation to the truth. Rather, is a crude, conspiratorial hallucination, presented in convenient theatrical form. Moore despises our President with such pathological fervor that in his eyes every Administration policy, from the war in Afghanistan to airport security, must be a vehicle for some unknown sinister motive, which, of course, has been dutifully covered up by the media.

Michael Moore, that fat, repulsive slob, lives in a paranoid delusion: a wild-eyed fantasy world in which greedy oil barons with deep connections to terrorist masterminds have seized control of the White House; in which a brainwashed citizenry blindly follows its leaders into an atrocious war that, unbeknownest to them, was conceived in Texas by a petrol-thristy elite bent on plundering the Middle East's oil reserves; and in which Moore himself, that lone warrior of truth, is the only man who can rescue this nation of helpless dupes from the grips of an evil, money-grubbing cabal of corporate demons.

Michael Moore is an egotistical fatso who should be stuffed into an meed grinder and then fed to wild dogs. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy his movie.

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