Unfriendly Skies

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
A couple of Russian flight attendants started beating up a passenger after he complained about the job performance of the drunken crew.

'Reverse air-rage' on Russian jet

Two flight attendants have attacked a passenger in an unprecedented case of reverse air-rage, according to Russia's leading airline.

An Aeroflot spokeswoman said the incident occurred after the passenger, named as Artyom Chernopup, said the men were drunk and not doing their job. Russian media said the victim left the plane with a black eye.


An airport representative said that a medical examination after the flight showed the cabin attendants were heavily intoxicated.

Another passenger claimed that the stewards distributed in-flight meals only when the plane started its descent, and managed to spill large quantities of food on the floor.

"At this point I noticed something was wrong," the passenger said. "Only about half the meals ended up on the tables or in the laps of passengers, the rest ended up on the floor.

"We left the plane with lunch-boxes crunching beneath our feet."