You Go Boy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Edwards to al-Qaeda: "You cannot run, you cannot hide; we will destroy you."

This is exactly the kind of tough, decisive, unequivocal rhetoric that I've been waiting to hear from the Democrats. Like many loyal conservatives who feel alienated by this Adminstration's reckless trampling of conservative principles, the main reason I continue to support Bush is that I feel he's got the balls, the clear-sightedness, and the moral courage to take on Osama and his band of murderers.

Thus, the only way I'm going to be convinced of Kerry's presidential worthiness is if he's able to prove that he's as serious about defeating terrorism as he is about making up with the French or windsurfing.

Frankly, I don't give a hoot for Kerry's domestic agenda; as long as Congress remains under Republican control, and as long as a gridlock exists between the legislative and the executive branch -- like Clinton before him -- Kerry's liberal impulses will be kept safely in check.

What I care most deeply about is victory in the War on Terror. Edwards' plainspoken vow to wipe out al-Qaeda provides at least partial assurance to me that a Kerry Administration would be genuinely committed to the success of that war.

Now all I need to hear from Kerry is that the war in Iraq was justified and that building a stable Iraqi democracy is vitally important to reforming the Middle East and vanquishing the terrorists. Then, and only then, might I hold my nose and reluctantly embrace the liberal brahmin.