Save the Elephants

Saturday, August 28, 2004
My high school in Singapore is ruled by a junta of hippies and unreformed Pinkos who profess to their students an ultra-liberal, "white man is root of all evil" interpretation of history that is naturally unbearable to a conservative like myself.

This year, I finally got so sick of the erroneous agitprop masquerading as education that I decided to set up my very own branch of the vast right-wing conspiracy: a Republican club called "Save the Elephants".

On Friday, the school held a club fair in which about 40 conservative agitators signed up to join our vicious right-wing attack squad. (In a stunning demonstration of the organizational skills of liberals, the rival Green Club garnered a whopping 7 people, and the Democrat club failed to turn in their paperwork). Though the event was a resounding success for youthful conservatism, our ultimately successful effort to establish an organ for Republican causes was slightly marred by an act of censorship on the part of the school.

Apparently, some hippy-dippy Bolshevik (and when I label my teachers Bolsheviks, I'm not exaggerating; on more than one occasion I have found myself in class refuting Marxism and apologies for Stalin) took great emotional offense from a hurtful poster on display at our booth. Like any good liberal who appreciates the value of free speech, the teacher immediately reported our grave offense to the principal, who dutifully ordered the posters removed from public sight.

What's most perplexing and infuriating about this incident is that the posters hadn't even been hung-up around school; we were simply handing them out to fellow Republican students, who taped them to their uniforms as a sign of solidarity.

Anyway, the inflammatory hate speech in question can be viewed here. Do you think it warranted the intervention of the school administration?

I report, you deride...