Saturday, September 11, 2004
UPDATE: It's a trick!

In case you hadn't already marked the date on your calendars, Thursday was the 56th anniversary of the glorious founding of the People's Gulag of North Korea. And according to reports filtering out of its evil capitalist neighbor, South Korea, the Norks celebrated the auspicious occasion by setting off a nuclear bomb.

The reports say that last week, a large mushroom cloud appeared over North Korea -- so large, in fact, that the crater was spotted by satellites.

It's not clear whether the explosion was actually the result of an atomic test, but I'm betting it was. The New York Times reported today that U.S. intelligence had detected signs that North Korea was preparing to put on a radioactive fireworks display; and for once, it looks like our intelligence turned out to be true.

Now that the benevelont People's Utopia has the Bomb, I wonder what it intends to do with this newfound capability. Maybe this poster provides a clue...

For those of you tempted to blame this mess on Bush: Note that while Madeleine Albright was merrily sipping champagne with Kim Jong-Il, his scientists were secretly cooking up uranium.

"Albright, you are one hot babe. Come back to my room and I'll let you inspect my ballistic missile"

"Oh, Mr. Jong, you make me blush..."

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