Bon Appetit, Liberal Media

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Contrary to frantic media reports, the large cache of explosives the went missing from a military facility in Iraq did NOT disappear during the U.S. occupation.

In fact, according to NBC, the explosives had already vanished by the time the military arrived in April 2003. Of course, the New York Times -- the stained liberal ragsheet that it is -- somehow forgot to include this minor factoid in its so-called "exclusive" story.

So once again, Kerry and his media syncophants find themselves feasting on crow.

This literally just in: 60 Minutes -- the disgraced CBS news program recently caught peddling forged documents -- was planning to broadcast a story on the vanished explosives the night before the election!

Have these scumbags no shame?

(Check the Drudge Report for further details.)