George Bush: The Anti-Conservative

Thursday, October 07, 2004
President Bush claims to be a Republican. And generally, Republicans have embraced this notion enthusiastically. But the reality is that Bush is the most unconservative "conservative" president since Richard Nixon.

Let's look at his record. Druing his four-year term as President and leader of the Republican party, Bush has surrendered conservatism to the Religious Right. He has increased non-discretionary (social) spending by 10% (the comparable figure for Clinton is 3%) and has thrown away tax money like a drunken liberal sailor.

He has turned a massive surplus, which he promised to invest in Social Security, into the largest deficit in history. In a cynical political ploy, he has attempted to enshrine social(ist) conservative ideology in America's founding document, the Constitution. He has raised farm subsidies and imposed steel tariffs. He has signed one of the most expensive reform bills in history, Medicare Reform, which lavishes seniors with a plethora of extravagant government entitlements -- and then he deceived the American people about its true cost.

He waged a risky war in the Middle East based on the distinctly liberal concept that America can use its military might to remake (or socially engineer) ancient, albeit depraved, civilizations -- and he waged that war without even a proper plan.

For all the reasons listed above -- and more -- it is not unreasonable to question whether Bush is the true conservative candidate in this election. I'm not suggesting that the alternative, John "For and Against" Kerry, is preferable. I'm merely saying that a vote for Bush isn't necessarily a wise choice, especially if you are a conservative who values fiscal responsibility, free trade, foreign policy prudence, and social freedom.

Four more years? Uh, I don't know...