Saturday, October 09, 2004
Mark Steyn, the comedic sage of the Right, has a brutal column exposing the depravity of the United Nations, whose staggering corruption would make even Kenneth Lay pale.

Of course, even before the Oil-for-Palaces Food scandal erupted, we conservatives were well aware of the fact that the U.N. is nothing more than a useless talking shop where crooked bureaucrats gather to shuffle papers, twiddle their thumbs, and issue empty threats to the world's menaces. So to us right-wing UNaphobes, none of these revelations come as a particular surprise.

But what continues to baffle and infuriate me is the Left's ongoing glorification of the U.N.

The U.N. accepts billions of dollars in bribes from Saddam Hussein and furbishes his regime with Oil-for-Food revenue. It elects Sudan and Libya to its Human Rights Commission and appoints Iran and Iraq to head its Disarmament Committee. It declares Zionism a form of "racism" and passes hundreds of resolutions condemning tiny democratic Israel. It participates in the sex trade and collaborates with Hamas terrorists. And it fails, without fail, to live up to its ostensible role as an arbitrator of global peace and a defender of human rights and democracy.

Despite this litany of awfulness, however, the Left continues to revere the U.N. as a paragon of morality -- as a global shaman so wise and virtuous that America must submit to its every whim.

The U.N. claims to stand for humanity; yet how can the U.N. lay claim to such an ideal when its membership amounts to a cross-section of the world's despots, bandits, tyrants, and tin-pot dictators?

The U.N. is a joke: a massive, corrupt farce. It sucks like a ravenous breast-feeding baby.

And if John "Francophile" Kerry has his way, this vile behemoth will be running the show in Iraq.