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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Daily headlines from the Stalinist shit-hole Socialist Worker's Paradise.

Kim Jong Il Sends 80th Birthday Table to Former Unconverted Long-term Prisoner

Pyongyang, December 27 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il sent the 80th birthday table to Ryu Un Hyong, a former unconverted long-term prisoner. He subjected to colonial slavery, born as a son of the casual laborer in Kimhwa County, Kangwon Province on Dec. 26, Juche 13 (1924). After the liberation of the country he grew up to an able educator and party worker under the care of President Kim Il Sung who established a new system under which the people became a master.

Ryu was active as a party worker in south Korea in the period of the last Korean war. He remained true to his revolutionary principle to the last while spending 34 years in prison after he was arrested by the enemy.

Kim Jong Il put him forward as a hero of the DPRK and a recipient of the National Reunification Prize in high recognition of his feat. He has shown all sorts of paternal love for him as evidenced by his sending the birthday table to him this time.

It was conveyed to him on Dec. 26.

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