Wrong War

Thursday, December 23, 2004
The war in Iraq is making me physically sick. I can no longer say that I support what we're doing there. The once noble mission has devolved into a nightmarish quagmire from which there seems to be no escape.

150,000 American men and women have been trapped in the heart of the Arab World for almost two years, fighting a war whose reasons are vague and fluctuating; a war that was waged according to a farcical plan; a war that was devised by deluded neo-conservatives in stuffy offices in Washington -- men fueled by impropable fantasies of a US-induced democratic revolution in the Middle East.

There is no sign of impending victory. If anything, the insurgency is intensifying; the chaos is deepening; the Iraqi people are becoming more restive and discontented and violent by the day. The Europeans are laughing callously in our faces, and the Arabs -- insane as they are -- are taking morbid pleasure from the sight of infidel blood being spilt by their "brothers" in Iraq.

The war was a bad idea. And I'm sick of it.