32 Years and 43 Million Dead Fetuses Later

Sunday, January 23, 2005
Today marks the thirty-second anniversary of a landmark legal ruling that led to the deaths of innumerable unborn children.

Nearly 43 million "fetuses" have been dimembered and flushed out of their mothers' uteruses since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973; that's seven times the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

The ruling - which overrided state laws by making abortion a Constitutional entitlement - was a heinous exercise of judicial activism. It was based on two flimsy and contrived assumptions: one, that the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against unwarranted search and seizure, implies a right to privacy; and, two, that abortion is a private matter -- and therefore a right guaranteed under the Constitution.

The ruling sparked a super-heated culture war that rages to this day. The debate itself has become so repetitive that it would be pointless to rehash all the arguments. What is worth noting is that Jane Roe (aka, Norma McCorvey), the woman at the center of the case, recently filed a petition with the court asking it to revoke the ruling.

Here's hoping it does.

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