Condi Caption

Thursday, January 20, 2005
"Oh, so YOU'RE the sorry-ass leftist hag who questioned my integrity... Nice to see you!"

"Has anyone ever told you you look severely constipated?"

"I see John Kerry hooked you up with his plastic surgeon."

"Fuck. You."

Some select captions via SondraK:

"How nice to see you Senator Troll..."

"Get out of my sight before I bitchslap your liberal cracker ass."

"Jesus! What kind of fucked up drugs did you do to get that trailer park complexion?"

"Sen. Boxer, I have an idea for you with respect to those aluminum tubes."

"Yeah, thats right, you my bitch. You KNOW you my bitch!!"

"You grab me there again and you won't be able to strain soup through your ass."