A Couple of Musings

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
I was riding in a taxi today when two rather odd thoughts occurred to me out of the blue.

ONE: What's so unspeakably hideous about nose-picking? Nose-picking is often a very necessary activity. For example, have you ever had a large booger lodged in the back of your nostril, and every time you breathe you can feel it being pushed back and forth? Well, the only way to remove such a booger is to insert your finger, poke around, and drag it out. I know that nose-picking is a major social taboo, but at the very worst it is a necessary evil, like genital-scratching, nail-biting, and bunghole-scraping...... What? You mean, no one else scrapes their bunghole? Oh, OK -- moving on....

TWO: Certain types of burglary may be beneficial to the economy. Think about it. If a man purchases a diamond ring for, say, $5,000, it is likely that the ring will remain on a woman's finger and then, once she dies, be passed on through tht efmailiiy. But if the ring is stolen, it can be resold, and the proceeds from the ring can be recirculated, therefore boosting the economy. In fact, by the time the ring has been purchased, stolen, and resold, it will have doubled its value to the economy.

Of course, I'm not encouraging robbery -- I'm merely saying that, from a raw economic stand-point, it's not an entirely bad thing.