Sunday, February 20, 2005
As if the United Nations wasn't a big enough farce already, the infamous U.N. Human Rights Commission has appointed Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba to the Working Group on Situations, which, as the New Republic describes it, is "a five-member panel that makes final decisions on which human-rights petitions receive consideration before the full 53-member commission."

In other words, a hideous trio of the world's grossest human rights violators have been given final say in determining which human rights issues will be brought up and addressed at the U.N.

What's more, the bureaucrat in charge of running the commission -- a Moroccan woman by the name of Halima Warzazi -- has deemed only two human rights issues worthy of discussion: one, America's detention of terrorist suspects in Guantanamo Bay; and two, the similarities between Israel and Nazi Germany.

And America is supposed to take this hunking pile of bureaucratic shit seriously? Please.

The UNron Scandal