Prosthetic Testes

Saturday, June 18, 2005
I bet Darth Vader had a pair of these:

Calling All Christians!

Did you know that major telephone companies like Viacom and AT&T are aiding homosexuals in their seditious quest to Defile the Sacred Institution of Marriage? It's shocking... but true.

Thankfully, there are good Christian telemarketers out there who are busy alerting citizens to the spreading (phallus-shaped) tentacles of the Homosexual Octopus.

Christian phone companies are now offering an alternative to the aforementioned faggotty phone companies. Switch now and rest assured that your long-distance calls aren't lining the pockets of homos.

But if you still haven't switched to one of the Lord's telecom providers, then remember this: everytime you hear that ring-tong, you're enabling perversion and sodomy.

The Bitch Gets It


Michael Jackson's Apprentice

A registered sex offender in Ohio:

(For a real scary thought, imagine the expression on this guy's face as he's having an orgasm.)

(The guy is real.)

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

... Has fun with Michael Jackson's psycho supporters.

For Young Couples

Sunday, June 05, 2005

(via FARK.com)

A Recipe For One Crazy Orgy

Sheriff Wants Separate Hurricane Shelter For Sex Offenders


I want to be in a burning building just so I can ride one of these kick-ass slides.

A Nun With a Gun

Saturday, June 04, 2005
Don't mess with this sister.

Silly Rabbit!

A not-so-bright hare demostrates the hazards of running in front of a race-car.

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Lavatory Lunches

I admit, I've eaten food on the toilet. But I draw the line at eating food that's INSIDE a toilet.