A Non-Violent Videogame

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Installing it requires a Security Council resolution.

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Osama bin Laden: terrorist leader and mime extraordinaire.

Maybe he's hiding on a streetcorner in Beaubourg.

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For Horny Stallions...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Forget mares; hump this long white bar instead.

"So you own a horse, eh?"
"Actually, it's for my husband."

This woman must really love her horse:

STEP 3: Prepare your stallion for breeding by cleaning him prior to collection. Using clean warm water, start with the shaft of his penis, working down to the head, with numerous clean pieces of wet sheet cotton. Finish by gently removing the "bean" from the opening. Towel dry. I recommend Viva papertowels for their lack of lint, strength, softness, and absorbtion.

What a stud:

Note to Truck Drivers

Parking your truck on a train track may result in the pwning of said truck.