The Democratic National Convention

Monday, August 25, 2008
Chris Matthews just said the word, 'homage', with such French relish. The blond color of his hair is inspiring. It's a shade of gold unlike any I've seen.

If you listen carefully to soundbites from Ted Kennedy's speech, you can hear the underlying hum of his brain cancer.

The major networks are trying to monopolize politics. 'CNN=Politics' 'MSNBC: The Place for Politics'. Their rivalry resembles any business contest: between brands of cereal or tampon.

Nancy Pelosi was unspeakably wretched. The first minute of her speech was noiseless. There was a malfunction with the sound system. When she finally came online, it was too late. Everything went downhill. Her eyes have been pried open by too many brow lifts, and Botox has paralyzed her. There's nothing about her speech that was substantive. The crowd obeyed maybe a tenth of the applause lines, and anyway, attendance was spotty. The camera showed swaths of empty seats in the stadium.