So What's going to happen?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
So what's going to happen when we run out of oil?
So what's going to happen when the nuclear plants run out of steam?
Oh, so curious -
what's going to happen when Putin realizes you can
wage conventional warfare with nuclear weapons?
I bet I'm wrong about that.

So what's going to happen when the wells run dry?
When all the fish float to the surface of the sea?
Oh, eschatologists, crazies of the Middle Ages,
hailing to the Christ Savior and the Void God
There is no end to the universe!
there will never be an apocalpyse,
but there will be extinction...

I am haunted by the total uncertainty of knowledge
I am haunted by the VIRTUAL,
primitive forms of which
were deployed in the 40s and maybe earlier.
He grabs the horse by the legs and screams,
"Neine Neine Neine Neine Neine!"

I try to say yes to everyone I pass on the freeway,
the way to Miami. Listen to me,
I'm going to learn how to drive,
I'm going to go to college,
I'm going to make money,
I'm going to be independent
and proud of my goals.
But always I'm going to keep a hawk eye's out
on humanity - and I have a contract with Satan, unsigned,
but there's a fresh well of ink by the papers.
You know, in case CERN works and I have to slip out of the
solar system.

Look, don't you know that you fight evil with evil?
Turn the modern world's own planes against the financial center
bring down the money silos,
the pinnacle of nine / eleventh,
the ninth inning,
yet to come.