Thursday, September 04, 2008
I'm slightly drunk off of a beer called Fin de Monde, which is made in the far reaches of Canada: to be specific, on the right bank of the Hudson Bay.

Our dream life was given to us for a few reasons, in my eyes. One: so that humans can fly. Two: so that we can travel to the stars. And three: so we can look for and contact the aliens.

Again, I'm drunk.

I'm chugging my second beer for inspiration. Disclaimer, the following contains drunken messages.

Modern civilization won't succeed in coming off of oil. Either this generation, or the one following it, or the generation following that one, is doomed - doomed like that Chinese generation that lived through the glorious Cultural Revolution.

Then again, you could believe the Soviet Union's theory that oil is not a fossil fuel, but a renewable resource.

The Earth is so full of useful things. The universe emerged out of nothing, gave birth to the Earth, and now there's a metal pot on a stove cooking loads of ingredients for spaghetti. How did - that - happen?

Palinpocalypse. Creationshits.

The most astute men will notice that women emerge from the mirror. 'Through the looking Glass'.