Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Palin and McCain can't be elected. The apocalypse has crystallized around the Republican Convention and it's glittering. I shouldn't speak too generally of the apocalypse. What I mean specifically is the coming oil and nuclear catastrophes and West Rot.

"Drill Now" "Drill Now" "Drill Now"

Please, China - pull the plug! I'll go down with the ship. But pull the plug!

The Republicans have not lost their incredible skill for image management. They are seances who invoke the raspy voice of the people. Fred Thompson (the Law and Order star) gave a brutal description of McCain's five, six, seven year torture at the hands of the Vietnamese. I couldn't help but think of Passion of the Christ.

Christians! Let it be known before the flood waters drown all our voices that you and your apocalypse Christ, your shriveled ascetic woodpost, brought us to this stage at the Republican Convention, where the apocalypse of modernity is a hum the dogs and cynics hear.

But no, I'm all wrong!