What is Deserved

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
I love America. Aesthetically, it's a beautiful place. Mechanically, it's super-efficient. Many of our freedoms are either gone or moribund, but there is still the freedom of space, movement, buying, work, and play, which count for much.

However, America deserves to wither away. McCain and Palin are pulling ahead in the polls. I hate to even regard the polls, but undeniably the country is swaying toward the Republicans. Now it should be said that Palin is a creationist, and she's a member of a church in Alaska that heralds the coming Christian apocalypse. On the subject of Iraq, Palin said recently: 'I'll have to read more about that.' (McCain admitted to an interviewer that he doesn't know much about the economy - or how many houses he owns. Shouldn't this be enough to rule them out?)

While we're on the subject of Christianity, let me say directly to the Christians that Christianity is stupid - it's a brain-softener, and I have no milder or more refined way of saying that. The fact that manymodern Christians adhere so lightly to it nowadays is not in your credit; it is a sign of the great Christian blood-thinning. Also, your Savior is a fraud. He is the Apocalypse Christ, a skinny man on a wood post - what better symbol for the fall of Man? As Allen Ginsberg says, it is not clear if the Christ was brought by God or Satan. Your religion exalts in suffering and the Final Judgment, but not in joy or strength. Your religion is against my taste. Your jealous God is the Void. He has always been the Nothing. You, Christians, are nihilist; and you have weak, incurious minds, and eyes which do not know open space and do not penetrate. This should've become clear to the whole world long ago. Unfortunately, Christianity lives on zombie-like, feeding on more than a billion human hosts and, in the case of the Catholics, phenomenal gold and real estate assets and Third World ignorance. Oh, and Catholics: your priests are pederasts as a rule. And how about your Gucci-sunglasses wearing Pope? In his Hitler Youth days, do you think he ever sat on Rohm's lap?

One more word spoken in vengeance: Catholics ruined European civilization and presided over the Dark Ages, which science tore us out of.

Anyway, if America is going to elect a tortured cancer and a Creationist frontierswoman to the White House, it deserves to whither. I'll be waiting eagerly for Washington Mutual and Lehman Brothers to hit zero so that the hygienic violence and anarchy can begin. And if I perish in the violence, so it goes. At least the Earth shall be cleaner.