America's Contempt for Europe

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
A generation ago...
Only island-bound Britain
withstood Nazism;
the French surrendered Paris
without a shot, to
preserve their art and bourgeois
amusement park.
the Italians?
They became fascists, so did
the Spanish.
Europe slaughtered its kykes,
cripples, fags, gypos
for eugenics.
America rolled tanks out of
its factories, we plucked the
legs off Hitler's metal spider,
as a bonus, we kept off
Stalin's robots.
Communism was romantic,
to you Euros, was it?
Romantic, until the central
committee draws up the
liquidation quotas.
Your philosophies, religions,
ideologies are gone like
sand castles -
high tide came decades ago
Ha! Your imperialism was a global
bad odor.
We washed your masses on Ellis,
and we find you in contempt.
You find us crass and uncultured:
admittedly, we are and we have no
culture - but what is more crass
than consenting to a Holocaust?