The Emperor Has No Pulse

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
In August, Dear Leader Kim Jong-il disappeared from the public eye in North Korea. He didn't attend two parades, even missing the country's 60th anniversary. South Korean and American intelligence indicated he had suffered a stroke.

On Oct 4th, North Korea announced that Kim Jong-Il had attended a soccer game. (Kim Il-Sung University was reported to have beaten Pyongyang University of Railways 4-1.)

Then, on the 11th, North Korea came out with photos of Kim on a vigorous stroll, looking alive and spanking hot as usual

Now, there are doubts arising about those photos. They were supposedly taken in autumn. Does this look like autumn to you?

North Korea's official website, Naenara, has an entire column dedicated to 'Kim's Activities'. His latest jaunt was to a women's artillery unit.

Behind the smoke-screen, is Kim Jong-Il a corpse? The consequences of his death are incalculable. A power vacuum could be opening in North Korea at the same time that Pakistan nears collapse and the global economy flirts with a Depression.

Kim: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

UPDATE: DEJA VU: In August, North Korea released photos of Kim Jong-il visiting a women's artillery unit. Compare the August and October photos.