Rumination while listening to the Orb

Sunday, December 21, 2008
I'm just loving the United States right now. Such a mysterious thing is unfolding in the economy.

No doubt, we live in the most advanced economy in the modern world's history. The computerization is immense and manifold. There are zeppelins circling the Earth in space full of nothing but hundreds of trillions of liquid helium dollars.

The question is when one of these Zeppelins explodes and sets the atmosphere on fire.

Will the stock market stay stuck in an 8,000 trading range for most of 2009? Will it dive or shoot up precipitously?

The strategy of the government and the financiers, is it to restore us to a Bull Market, to a 14,000-and-climbing level?

All these stock market averages are like altitude readings on a dashboard.