Tennessee Taliban

Sunday, March 21, 2004
While constroversy rages over extralegal same-sex nuptuals in San Francisco, an appalling piece of state-sanctioned homophobia has managed to slip beneath the media radar.

In Rhea Country, Tennessee, local commissioners have asked state legislators to make homosexuality a criminal offense. That's right, they want to ban gays. FoxNews:

Tenn. County officials seek to banish gays

DAYTON, Tenn. -- Rhea County commissioners unanimously voted to ask state lawmakers to introduce legislation amending Tennessee's criminal code so the county can charge homosexuals with crimes against nature.

"We need to keep them out of here," said Commissioner J.C. Fugate, who introduced the motion.

County Attorney Gary Fritts also was asked by Fugate to find the best way to enact a local law banning homosexuals from living in Rhea County.

The Taliban is closer to home that we would like to think.