Weasel Scouts

Monday, March 15, 2004
The cowards of Europe are having an exceptionally good week. First, the pro-American Prime Minister in Spain, Jose Maria Aznar, was unseated by a socialist weasel who vowed to roll back relations with the U.S. and reorient his country towards Geezer Europe.

Now the French are courting a new potential axis member: China. According to the FT, France is holding joint naval exercises with the PLA off the coast of China. Sounds like a mating dance to me.

A Chinese official gave this candid explanation for the new cooperation:

"China wants to co-operate with traditional European powers, and France, as a stringent critic of the US, and a fervent advocate of lifting the arms embargo, was the country likely to take the initiative."

When Weasel-in-Chief Jacques Chirac talks up his bipolar strategic vision, it's not just a case of empty bravado. As these developments indicate, France is actively recruiting new countries into its Anglophobe brigade. America should recognize France's subversive intentions and oppose them with tact and unabashed resolve. After all, if we could face down the Bears for fifty years, surely we can take care of a few cheese-eating surrender monkeys.