Not Fonda Kerry

Friday, June 04, 2004
This is shocking. According to a CBS poll, Vietnam war veterans -- who one would expect to be eternally grateful to their fellow veteran, John Kerry, for his brave and valiant service in Vietnam -- actually favor Bush by a margin of 14 percentage points. Isn't that insane? What could possibly explain this hostility among veterans towards the veritable hero of Vietnam?

Let's see... Could they have been turned off by Kerry's decision to join Jane Fonda's traitorous anti-war movement after returning from Vietnam? Nah...

Hmm, could it be his famous testimony before Congress, in which he accused American soldiers of acting like "Genghis Khans", that undermined his support among veterans?

No, I bet it was that vast right-wing conspiracy again, cooking-up myths about Kerry's disloyalty to his comrades-in-arms.

(Can you spot Kerry in the crowd? Hint: he's right above Jane Fonda's head.)