PETA Police

Sunday, July 11, 2004
Germany must be a low-crime place if the country's police officers are able to focus their law-enforement efforts on resuscitating rabbits and rescuing ducklings from man-holes:

German Police Rescue Trapped Ducklings

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police made quacking noises to coax two trapped ducklings out of danger, after they fell through a manhole cover and got trapped in a sewage pipe.

Passers-by called the police and fire brigade when they saw the ducklings' distressed mother by the roadside.

Police officers opened the manhole but could not reach the ducklings. "Two officers decided to imitate duck noises," said a police spokesman in the city of Wiesbaden.

Their quacks proved more effective than those of the mother duck and guided the ducklings to safety.

German Police Revive Rabbit

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police have successfully resuscitated a dwarf rabbit named Napoleon by breathing through a ball point pen after he passed out in a house fire, authorities say.

Two officers were called to a Berlin flat where firefighters had dragged the unconscious rabbit's cage outside. The officers opened Napoleon's mouth with a pen and breathed down it while giving the pet a cardio massage, a police spokesman said on Saturday.

The officers then rushed Napoleon by police car to a vet, who will keep him for observation for a few days.