Poking Holes

Sunday, July 18, 2004
The U.N. kangaroo world court has ordered Israel to stop construction on a security barrier currently being built between it and the Palestinians. The court decided, based on its omnipotent legal authority and moral wisdom, that the barrier in question is a "violation" of "international law".

This is a case-in-point of why international law, and its buffoonish enforcers at the U.N., is such a corrupt and thoroughly flawed system. Certainly there are legitimate objections to the nature and proposed path of the Israeli wall, which in some places cuts deep into Arab terrorities and therefore threatens to severely disrupt the flow and continuity of Palestinian society and to prejudice future discussion over borders.

Whatever its flaws, however, the wall is being built on the perfectly reasonable and justifiable notion that it will prevent suicide bombings and save innocent Israelis from being maimed or killed by terrorists.

And in fact, the wall has most definitely succeeded at its intended purpose; suicide bombings have been drastically reduced over the past year and the violence shows signs of tapering off. Indeed, as a result of the wall, the Palestinian murder gangs are looking increasingly desperate and impotent by the day.

Ultimately, to demand that Israel tear down their security wall and willfully re-open the floodgates of Palestinian terrorism, is to ask that the Israeli government subordinate its security to the moronic diktats of an irrelevant, farcical legal junta composed of morally-bankrupt U.N. bureacrats. The Israelis would have to be downright masochistic to obey the ruling. Fortunately, there's no chance of that.

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