Kerry's Gunning Mates

Sunday, August 08, 2004
I still can't understand why Vietnam veterans could possibly be angry at Kerry. It makes no sense. Kerry is a war hero: he served bravely in Vietnam, he earned three purple hearts for his valiant conduct, he stood up for his fellow veterans in Congress, and he steadfastly defended his comrades from the demonizing rhetoric of Jane Fonda and her anti-war movement.

For Christ's sakes, he even won three purple hearts! This modern sage should be adored and worshipped by all veterans -- not reviled and slandered!

As for those backstabbing rapist baby killers who have desperately tried to smear Kerry's war record with their pathetic, libelous book, they should be smothered in napalm and thrown into a tub of flaming Agent Orange, as far as I'm concerned!

(The men highlighted below are boat mates of Kerry who currently back his candidacy. Clearly, the support is overwhelming!)

(Via Swiftvets.com)