The Liberal Big Brother

Sunday, January 16, 2005
A conservative college student has put together a must-watch documentary on teacher bias, which highlights unbelievable horror stories of leftist fascism on colleges around the nation. The stories are so ludicrous and outrageous and disgusting that they'll have you laughing and crying at the same time.

In one case, a student ended up in court for posting a flier on a bulletin board. (The student's $40,000 worth of legal fees were eventually reimbursed by the university). In another case, an entire fraternity was expelled after five students went to an off-campus Halloween party dressed up as the Jackson Five and wearing blackface.

Ironically, at the same university, a member of a school committee who sent out an e-mail advising students to "shoot the fucking ragheads in the face" received no similar reprimand. (The "raghead" in question had written an editorial in the student conservative newspaper blasting the university's Orwellian "speech code" -- thus provoking the ire of leftists, who tolerate other ethnicities so long as they stay on the plantation.)

When a group of students started a non-political petition demanding that the administration take action against such flagrant hate speech, a professor called the police and had the petition shut down.

The film also features an economics professor at Blackwell University gushing about Marxism and "black and feminist political economy" (whatever that means). My blood pressure took a considerable jump when the said professor defined "derogatory speech" as anything that may be considered "offensive" to any particular group.

The video is forty minutes long so you might want to bookmark it and watch it in parts. But don't miss it. It proves in jaw-dropping detail that the leftist Thought Police are alive and active on America's campuses.

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