Religious Right Tightens Grip

Sunday, April 24, 2005
This picture of Republican big-shot Bill Frist addressing an audience of church-goers made me groan. It's now clearer than ever that the Religious Right is the dominant force in the Republican party. And with the rise of the Religious Right comes an increased focus on waging jihad against homosexuals, erecting the Ten Commandments outside courtrooms, force-feeding human vegetables, and imposing moral uniformity on the nation.

I consider myself a Republican; I will likely vote Republican when I turn 18. That said, I'm not at all happy with the state of the party. Our leader in Congress, Tom DeLay, is a crook. The party is failing on almost every front to reign in government spending. Social Security privatisation has hit a dead-end. Tax reform is virtually a non-issue. And the deficit is expanding at at the rate of Kirstie Alley's waistline.

You'd expect that a Republican monopoly in Congress would make more progress in implementing a conservative agenda. You'd be wrong.