Who Killed John Paul?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Liberal Larry of Blamebush was kind enough to leave this incisive and thought-provoking spiel in the comments section:

Notice how Bush hasn't ordered our flags to fly at half mast? Strange, isn't it? Perhaps it's because Bush had something to do with the Pope's sudden and mysterious death. I have it on good authority that Bush actually travelled to the Vatican last June under a shroud of secrecy. Was he there to warn the Pope against endorsing same-sex marriage? Or was it the Pope's stance against Bush's illegal and immoral War on Terror that awakened the sleeping chimp?

The circumstances surrounding the Pope's death are as cloudy as Tom Sizemore's urine. I hope the 9/11 widows call for an investigation before any more innocent pontiffs succomb to the machinations of the Bush junta.

Although Bush's involvement in the Pontiff's mysterious "passing" is indeed a possibility, I find it more likely that the Pope was taken out by the Mossad in order to implement the global Zionist conspiracy.

But that's just me.