Lifeline in Peril

Sunday, December 07, 2008
I'm fond of talking about the NATO supply line through Pakistan. A few weeks ago it was shut down because of Taliban activity and attacks. The ceremonial reopening went on without a hitch. And then today this happened...

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistani militants set on fire 96 trucks carrying Hamvees and military vehicles for Western forces in Afghanistan in an attack in the northwestern city of Peshawar on Sunday, police said.

"It happened at around 2:30 (4:30 a.m. EDT). They fired rockets, hurled hand grenades and then set ablaze 96 trucks," senior police officer, Azeem Khan, told Reuters.

Most supplies, including fuel, for U.S. and NATO forces in landlocked Afghanistan are trucked through Pakistan, much of it through a mountain pass that lies between Peshawar, capital of North-West Frontier Province and the border town of Torkham.

Don't be surprised when NATO forces in Afghanistan are cut off by chaos in Pakistan.